The gesture that I chose for my onsight research was hanging single buttons in front of stores or offices that do not relate to the garment district. The single button represents a single worker who lost their job to the rise of these store and offices in the fashion district. Garment workers are losing their jobs everyday due to these buildings. I thought it was important to do a gesture represented this. Each single button on the thread was also accompanied by a card that said “1 lost button= 1 lost worker”. I thought of the idea of a lost button because my grandma had a collection of lost buttons that she would misplace from sweaters. The loss element made me realize that the idea of workers losing their jobs can be represented through lost buttons. This is why there is only 1 button on the string. I Started by cutting thread and simply putting a single button on the string. I tied it and then cut out a piece of paper where I wrote the phrase. I stapled the paper to the string and then went to the garment district. I looked for buildings that were out of place and didn’t belong to the fashion district. Stores such as a store for electric chairs really looks out of place in the area, so I hung up a button where the owner or passerbys could see it. I saw that some people glanced and even stopped to read what the piece of paper said. The owner of the electric chair store was staring at me from the inside of the store. I didn’t care though, this subject is something that everyone should be educated on if they shop in the garment district.


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