Bridge 1

Tactile Narrative: Part 1

For this assignment I chose to use a button up shirt.

Ideas and Sketches

My idea is to depict the climax scene of the movie Carrie on the shirt. It’s important that I do this specific scene because it’s the one that I remember from childhood the most.


Questions for Orly Cogan

Why do you think you’re so attracted to women in your work?

Why do you feel like its important for your work to have meaning?

When you work what kind of music do you listen to, or what’s your meditation practice when working?


Lesley Dill Retrospective

I like how the dress isn’t clean but dirty and distressed. I also like how the dress has text all around it, but the viewer isn’t able to make out full words.

This piece is really interesting because of the form. The sculpture has the form of a person but the material makes it a lot more interesting to look at.

This is probably my favorite piece from the gallery. I really like it because everything is there except for the head. The figure is very still. A string of words are spilling out of the torso, which adds a lot to the piece.


Process Pictures



Final Piece

When I was a kid my uncle Victor showed me the movie Carrie. It was really scary but I felt like I could relate to the character at the time. Carrie was bullied and got revenge on the school. I was also bullied as a kid and wanted to have power to fight back. I decided to portray the most famous scene of the movie where pigs blood is dropped on here head during prom. She gets extremely angry and unleashes every ounce of wrath she has inside of her. This scene has been permanently engraved in my mind ever since I’ve seen it as a kid. It was important for me to show emotion in the painting to demonstrate the magnitude of the scene.


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