Bridge #2

Bridge 2 Project

This look book was made possible with the interview I conducted on my friend who is Puerto Rican. While talking to her, I learned about her culture and what is most important to her, family. In the look book, you will see quotes from the interview and images that represent Puerto Rican culture.

Mood board variations

Parsons archive inspiration
















I want the look of my book to be very DIY inspired. I like the distressing of the jeans and the putting together of unordinary pictures together.

Fabrics Swatches and Trimming

Cotton Denim Price per yard: $10


Polyester/Canvas blend Price per yard: $13


Striped Linen Price per yard: $12


Embroidered Cotton Price per yard: $18


Cotton canvas Price per yard: $14


Suede Price per yard: $15


Zipper: $2 Button: 40 cents

Custom fabric swatches


The making process

I wanted to make the book look like a postcard on the front. So I sketched it out and then painted it.


I was satisfied with the look of the cover, so I decided to cover card stock with muslin for all of the pages.


I pasted swatches I gathered from fabric stores and my own and put them on the pages.


I decided to bind the book with thread. It added to the DIY aspect that I was going for.


Final Project

Disclaimer: There is a page missing that made it to the final book, but isn’t shown in the pictures taken.

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