Rec LP POST #3

I like how provocative this ad is, and it is eye grabbing. The Ideal male and female are portrayed in this specific ad. They threw an asian girl in there to add diversity. But for the most part it looks like they are all Americans. The models are all skinny and pretty. There are no fat models or ugly models in this ad. If there were overweight models in this ad, the mood and message of the ad would completely change. This was shot in the late 90s where having sexy skinny models was the norm. Lauren Downing Peters has talked about in her article that having plus-sized fashion is seen to be not a good idea. “This is because up until very recently, plus-size fashion has been regarded as both patently unfashionable and commercially risky, if not irresponsible. Vox. 2018. “When Brands Use Plus-Size Models and Don’t Make Plus-Size Clothes” June 5, 2018 I agree with this statement. To me, clothes look better on skinny models. The person that had the idea for this ad wanted something sexy and promiscuous. The beautiful women are naked and the men are clothed. Maybe the creator thinks that women should be showing their bodies more often than guys. Also, this brand is curated toward men. Men want to see naked women so putting naked women in an ad makes sense. The men are fully clothed, so the viewer will think that having those clothes on will make them more attractive to girls possibly. All of the models are piled on top of each other. Which enhances the sexual aura that this ad has. A group of attractive men and women piled on top of each other suggests an orgy might take place off camera. This ad isn’t about the clothes, and the creator knew that. This ad is about sex, and to achieve that you need to buy the clothes. The clothes act as a key to a world of sex.


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