Pre-futuristic objects take on the future

This dress from the Pierre Cardin exhibition is a good example of how he envisioned the future of not only fashion but how clothes can shape to the body. With the introduction of artificial fabric, clothes can now be more form fitting than ever before. Also, Pierre uses a ringlike extension that goes from the shoulder down to the opposite arm. The reason why this dress looks futuristic even for todays standard is because of how out of the ordinary and geometrically designed it is. I believe that a big part of the future is indefinitely the use of the sphere or the use of roundness. If you look in the past to ancient times, the shapes used are more pointy and square. How cavemen took a ragged rock and transformed it into a wheel is a perfect example of progression and moving towards the future. Everything is becoming more round. How Pierre used the rings as an object that represents the future is genius. If he used shapes that were more pointed it wouldn’t have the same effect. Another thing to note are the colors and materials used for this dress. Like I said before, this dress is probably made out of an artificial fabric blend which allows the fabric to hug the body. Before this the only way for fabric to fit to the body like this is with the use of darts. There are no darts used on this dress which makes it look futuristic, design becomes more sleek and simple. The juxtaposition of the metallic shine of the rings and the black is yet another example of how Cardin implements a futuristic element into this dress. As a rather unordinary example, in the show Spongebob Squarepants there’s an episode where they depict the future with shiny objects and the use of metallic. Many artists have described what they think the future might look like as metallic. It’s something that people have resonated with and when most people think of the future they think of shiny objects.

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