LP Post #5

What is Fashion?

Fashion is another medium used in art. It’s a tool used by an artist to create works of art. Fashion is interesting because it’s more open for criticism. When an artist creates a painting and puts it on a wall, the amount of viewers is limited. When a designer puts a piece of clothing in a fashion show, the people there in attendance will see it. But it also has the potential to be seen on someone walking the street. People will easily criticize an outfit. Yet people are less talkative when criticizing a piece of artwork. Fashion is open to the public, it is criticized by all and not yet seen as an art form yet. In the future I’m not sure if I will be a designer. But I do treat my design as if I’m creating works of art. I know that I can’t compete with complex construction that my peers are doing. But I am able to bring what I learned and practice with fine art to the table. I’d like to focus more on textile design than construction. I’m not that big of a fan of crazy construction, I’m interested in the fit and cut of a garment. And then the textile design is the icing on top. Susan Kaiser has said, “There is more than one fashion system.” Which I can agree with. The perspective of looking at fashion as an art form is a type of fashion system. It’s a way of design that I think only the masters of art and design can resonate with. Such as Rei Kawakubo. She found a way to treat her fashion design as a form of art, that’s why her pieces are shown in museums. They are works of art.

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