Missing Malaysia

For my final version of my documentary, I included many more animations is order to make the video more interesting for viewers. I tried not to repeat footage and I recorded some parts again so that the audience could understand it better. I also added slides so that the viewer can get a better sense of the progression of the video and that there is a beginning, middle and end of the video. I wanted to keep the animations and slides pretty similar so I wrote out all the text and I drew all the foods for the slides. I also decided to add music in the beginning and end that are songs in Malay to add more interest to the piece and another touch of Malaysia into the video. In the end, I think this video is much smoother and full than the previous versions that were really off and didn’t seem to have purpose.

Here are the previous versions of the documentary. The first version doesn’t really have a solid beginning or ending and the footage was very similar without much interest. The second version has some animation and illustration but not as much and there still as much interest when it comes to the footage. The final version has the best composition and transitions.


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