July 9th 2018

My name is Briana, and I am 17 years old. My interests in the arts and love for New York City are what brought me to Parsons The New School. I was born in Brownsville, Texas, and I consider myself hispanic, as both of my parents are from Mexico. As far as my interests in the arts, I like digital art, like photography. I have never taken any courses in communication design or graphic design, but as I was doing some future career searching, I found that these other two areas catch my attention very much as well. I had put aside the idea of pursuing a career in the arts because it felt like simply a dream, but recently I have come to realize that I can’t imagine myself doing anything else in the future. Consequently, I am a firm believer that you should focus on the tasks you know will bring you happiness. I also enjoy music a lot. I like to sing and play the guitar. I am not entirely sure what I want to major in yet, so that is why I decided to take this course, because it showed multiple disciplines. Today was my first day at Parsons and if I am being honest it was amazing. A little hectic, but never the less, very satisfying, as I finally got to experience being a student at Parsons. I am definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone buy taking courses that are unfamiliar to me and living as student in New York City. I know this course will be challenging and with that I hope to find out a little more about my self as I go through these three weeks, and I am excited to see the work I produce.

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