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My initial sketches

My initial sketches

My initial sketches

Final Product


For the time that we were given, I am happy with the final result of this project. We had a week for the construction. We used wire, garbage bag, and buttons for materials. This at first was a shock to me; Normally I prefer to work with more traditional fabrics.

Initial sketches:

I spent a lot of time staring at a blank sketchbook with no idea where to begin. I was trying to think how to make the materials look like traditional fabric. Eventually I gave up on this restriction and decided to think how these materials could be used to enhance a design in a way that traditional materials couldn’t. That’s when I thought of the idea of using wire to form a skirt that was “blowing in the wind”.

Group work:

I have never been group work’s biggest fan. With that being said, I DO really love collaborating with other creative people and working together to create a design and concept that neither could have created on their own. I just don’t feel that that’s the way group work typically plays out. Before I say more I want to get something out of the way; I really really like all of the individuals in my group and think they all are wonderfully talented and creative. The issues within our group were not personal, we work different creatively and struggled (with the time given) to accommodate for that while we were in a rush to finish.

Problem 1:

Not all group members showed up to class with initial sketches

*It was hard to get some people to share their ideas, which we wanted to hear! I felt as though if we wanted their opinions we had to beg it out of them, which made collaboration difficult

Problem 2:

Finding time to work together

* Two of our group members commute

Problem 3:


* One group member didn’t show up to our designated group work time until we were packing up to leave

* One group member was not reliable when assigned to do a task

Problem 4:

Experience level with making wearable forms

We made a garment and I was the only one who had constructed a garment before so naturally I accumulated more responsibility (drafting all the patterns, constructing the top, teaching other group members how to use the equipment, working outside of group meetings on patten making and construction so there would be work for the group to work on when we met). This is not my groups fault. The majority of the group was happy to learn and worked very hard to get the project done and to brainstorm fixes to problems that popped up.


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