Store Visit

I chose to go into Seven For all Mankind. I am familiar with the store as I work there and thought it would be interesting to dive deeper into the meanings of the “signs” I see every time I’m at work. Seven is a high end denim store, there are three locations in the city, I visited the location on 5th and 15th.  January is a slow month for the store, so I wasn’t surprised that only a few customers wondered in during my visit. Most of the customers are middle aged to older. Which has always seemed odd to me as the posters found around the store depict a young more edgy character. The store promotes luxurious , edgy, and stylish looks. The jeans range from $189 to $400, leather jackets are upwards of $600. The price point is not accessible to most younger people, however the style of the “fashion pieces” are geared towards a younger crowed. I asked the manager of the store, Sam, why this was and he informed me that the company is trying to reach the younger generation and is becoming more involved with social media.  A majority of the inventory are jeans and there are neatly piles stacks on tables, and hung throughout the store. The employees must all wear Seven jeans while working, they also wear other Seven items; jewelry, tops, jackets. They do this to promote the product and connect with the clients who might be interested in their look. The employees look polished and in style while at work. They are mid twenties to early thirties, other than two Parsons students who are late teens.

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