LER for Class 1: Shift Studio 8/30/17

  1. The newest thing so far about this studio class is the time that it takes place. It is my first night class I have taken, still highly unfamiliar and I have not decided my opinions on the time yet. Last class I learned about a topic I have been exposed to my whole life in a new light. Our big S selves and our little s selves is a very familiar term for me. In my spiritual practice it was referred to often. In shift, it was presented to me in a more fundamental manner. We focused on the factual meaning, when this first began with in our minds and Ken Wilber’s writings on the subject.
  2. The discussion on I, It, We, It’s was very interesting to me. I had never made the complete understanding of the difference of emotions and feelings. The big S and little s self  discussion also really peaked my interest.
  3. Sadly I didn’t go further into any of the topics but I know I will go further into the two I mentioned above.
  4. A question: Why is the classroom so hot and Is this a theme/ topic of self one we will continue with?
  5. One of my noticing is that all of what was written were thoughts I understand and realize but as I read I noticed that I had just never put the pieces together as they did. How we see is changed as we and our minds grow to be more informed, which I knew but I didn’t know I knew until I read it. I hope that makes sense. I also noticed that cameras for this discussion changed the game.
  6. A question for the reading: What is their definition of seeing? Is it what me think when me see, the internal connections we make, or is it just a noticing of visuals?
  7. I have found that this class feels similar to my space studio and my seminar, it is an open accepting space that is motivational. I have classes that feel dark and stressful but this and a few others feel good and exciting, not dreadful. Thank you for that.

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  1. nealc1 · September 11, 2017 Reply

    Hi Brooke
    On number 4 – I am not sure what is happening with the classroom. I will log a work-order with the department on Wednesday, if the central air is still not working.
    On the subject of self/ Self – I think that there are ways to weave this into most of the work this semester… but the arc of the semester (from a context/ conceptual sense) starts with self, and then moves into self and other, and then moves into multiple others, and then moves into noticing shift, and then completes the loop by looking back at Self (in reflection).
    On number 5- This is an example of identifying subject-object relations… but you are using your own thinking as the subject – you are beginning to see yourself having meta-thinking. This seems like a fun noticing!
    For number 6 – I think this is exactly the question – is it possible to see without the influence of our own thoughts?
    Here is a question that I have for you – how can you, (if you wanted to), bring the perspectives or influence of your spiritual practice into you habits of mind, or way of being, or work as a maker?

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