Perception of Partner’s memories


  1. I remember sleeping at home with plenty of room to toss and turn at night.
    1. Q1. Was it comfortable to have the room? Was the room a luxury ?
    2. Q2. Was the space hot or cold?
    3. Q3. What is the space you have now like?
      1. Visualization: I see a comfortable roomy way of living. Freedom was given to your body because of the space you had. I see dancing. I see an extended body sleeping. I see large coverers surrounding and wrapping your body.
        1. My Memory: I remember sleeping in my mothers bed with only a sheet becoming lonesome by the empty spaces next to me.
  1. I remember not feeling like I belong to a physical place and then moving again.
    1. Q1. I get a negative feel/ uneasy feel from  this, but is this a positive or negative feeling for you?
    2. Q2. Is the physical space referring to a home or city ?
    3. Q3. Did you feel like an outsider or like you were once with in but then rejected?
      1. Visualization: I see displacement and a disconnect. A rush of wind pushing your body around, sweeping you from place to place. The places aren’t similar to you though. I see a map.
        1. My Memory: I remember my home always felt uncomfortable until I fell in love.

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