Mapplethorpe Photo Description

Brian Ridley and Lyle Heeter

In this image Robert has used a harsh light to the right of the subjects creating a stretched out showed of the two against the blank walls of the home setting. The image is in black and white when enhances the clothing of the two men, one standing slightly behind the other man who is sitting in a curved leather chair. Each is head to toe in black leather that has a matte shine in the harsh light and bright silver chains draped across the man sitting and connects the two. The home in which they sit looks to be of wealth, with an antler and glass side table to the right of the standing man and vases and a detailed rug blanketing the floors. The two men and their hard faces and dark clothing both matches and contradicts the home setting. Much of the decor has a slight gothic tone while at the same time the idea of being with in a home, a warm safe place, makes the men look out of place. The men are generally centered in the image, each ones head does hit the rule of thirds going horizontally and vertically.

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