Reflection on Workshop Process

  • What were you expecting? How did the experience meet/ divert from those expectations?
    • I was expecting to get feedback on my writing more in terms of content and how I need to improve it. Instead what I got was more along the lines of grammar and little mistakes through out the piece as well as some on the content.
  • What was it like providing feedback for your peers?
    • It was what I am used to, I had to do this often in high school. The one thing was that it was a little awkward knowing when to speak or how detailed we needed to talk about it since we had written it all down. Overall a good experience, it is always very interesting to see my peers work and helps me with mine.
  • How was receiving feedback from them? Helpful observations/ suggestions?
    • It was very helpful, they let me know that my quote incorporation was smooth and that I did a good job with it. They also let me know where I needed to work on grammar and some sentence structuring. They also let me know that I did give an in depth look but that I could add in more about person, some more descriptives but that I was on the right track.
  • Editing plan – where do you see your revisions going based on the feedback ?
    • For me I know I need to go back through the piece and read it carefully and look for small errors in punctuation and sentence structure that don’t make sense. Once I have done that I am going to look further into how I described the cha

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