Grand Central Meeting Place

 I found that as I exited the humid subway at Grand Central Terminal there was a sudden urgency in the movements of everyone around me. I was being swept up in the quick movements of the people around me on the small platform. Just as the space opened up just up the stairs the large clump of people scattered. I was turned around, trying to figure out which way the concourse actually was. The air was warm and heavy but I could follow the faint trail of cool air coming from the main concourse. I needed to pee which depleted my patience even further and the slow walkers annoyed me. I swerved in and out through the small clusters of people breathing in the same warm air form the oven like subway platform and adding the the over all echoing voice of the hall way. Then after one slight turn we all entered the main concourse and my step slowed. It was unintentional, it just happened. As the space opened up my body calmed down despite still having to pee. The open space above my head made me feel a lightness in my step, suddenly I simply wanted to take in the beauty and people watch. I wanted to slow down, observe the numerous cultures and interactions all occurring in the same instant. My body took control and lead me to the bathroom though.

Also attached are the five photos of the space we chose.

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