SHIFT Installation (LER 1) – DAI


What was the story plot? (1 paragraph)

An artist was on their way with their nephew to set up for her art show. While in grand central the artist dropped all of their prints and then the nephew got lost and then kidnapped. In the end the kidnapped nephew got taken away on a train created an unresolved ending.

Who were the Characters?

The artist, the nephew and the characters that helped look for him.

Using your senses – what did you notice? (at least 4 noticings)

  • How was Grand Central introduced into the piece?
  • through the train sounds, hot air and loud sounds. Also the crowed space.
  • What Character Artifacts were present?
  • there was the binoculars, the plush toy on the wall, the photographs and then the hot dog/ plant.
    • What did you notice about them?
    • I noticed that their placement seemed to be very intentional, not random by any means. For example the hot dog was in the very corner making it seem like an end point destination. The plush top was on the wall and the binoculars where hanging on the wall. I feel like each had meaning in its placement; although, we didn’t get to hear about what that was.
  • What cultural or character points of view were represented?
  • The shape of the space gave pov, the foot prints and the hot dog.
    • How?
    • The hot dog put the story in context of a location. A hot dog is sort of like a USA thing but especially a New York thing. The walls going in at an angle and the foot prints make the space into a narrative and a path, it has clear indications of how you should move through the space. The foots prints add mystery. Whose are they? why are they on the wall? why do they lead to a hot dog sitting in a plant?
  • What was the space used for the installation?
  • It was a long narrow room with one transparent wall.
    • How did the team utilize the space?
    • They used it to guide the viewer in towards the hotdog. The see through wall made it feel like you were being hated and the smallness of the space also made it crowed much like grand central.


  • What relationship did you Notice between the elements?
  • They all extracted a lot in how they moved the viewer, each piece and its place meant lead the viewer in towards the dog. They all combined to create great emphasis.
  • What connections do you make (to life, art, learning)?
  • It made me think of a lot of pop culture and movies. Ive been watching stranger things and this really reminded me of it just in that there was a search of a boy. Also in the show there are multiple deletions and the foot prints on the wall reminded me of that.
  • What questions do you have for the Artists?
  • The only ones I could thing of would be about specifics like the placement of the plush toy  and why it was on the wall.


  • What does the work express? How does it do that?
  • To me it expressed a journey with in grand central. To me it was very representational of a story unfolding. This was communicated to me through the foot prints and the narrowing space with a destination. Also after hearing their story it was clear that it was laid out in a linear fashion. The two lights at the end of the space was the train leaving and the prints on the floor in the beginning was when the child was first lost.

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