SHIFT Installations (LER 2) Group D

What was the story plot? (1 paragraph)

There were two pairs of friends that got thrown together when a blizzard hits NYC and shuts down Grand central. While this is happening one character notices something strange about his ticket. It has instructions on the back side of it on how to get a treasure out of the big clock. As the two pairs of friends are forced to sit together due to the shut down, they end up working together to find the treasure before the bad people do. They find a diamond in the clock.

Who were the Characters?

Two sets of friends. Four total.

Using your senses – what did you notice? (at least 4 noticings)

  • How was Grand Central introduced into the piece?
  • Through the visuals of the video, the sounds of trains, and the train tickets they passes out.
  • What Character Artifacts were present?
  • There was a course shoe, a colorful scarf, an i pod, and a sketchbook.
    • What did you notice about them?
    • Each of then had great detail and were hand made other than the scarf.
  • What cultural or character points of view were represented?
  • The culture of NYC and how heavily people rely on public transportation.
    • How?
    • This was introduced by all of the aspects of grand central that they brought in.
  • What was the space used for the installation?
  • The space that was used was a closed in stair well.
    • How did the team utilize the space?
    • They blocked it off in two places creating a small room of projections that we looked into. They also used the stairs to lead the viewers from the table of artifacts up to the projections.


  • What relationship did you Notice between the elements?
  • I noticed a lot of over lapping, they had two visuals going at once and layered sounds playing and then they all combined to create one experience.
  • What connections do you make (to life, art, learning)?
  • This piece really did remind me of one of the piece in the World of Sound at the rubin because of the use of flashing colors projections and the rhythmic sounds.
  • What questions do you have for the Artists?
  • Why did they over lap the clock projection with the footage of the feet?


  • What does the work express? How does it do that?
  • I saw a direct expression of the of the story, how we were lead from the table of the characters up to the clock with the diamond, just like in the story. It also had avery spooky feel because of the location being so tight, some where you normally pass through not reside in, with the sounds, and dark lighting made for a very strange feel.

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