Bridge 4 – Process Documentation & Final Project

Photos of Process and final product:

Artist statement:

Wreathes are often a symbol of victory, eternity and the one that I favor the most; home. In my research I primarily focus on how Tompkins Square Park is a home away from home, a sanctuary for the residents of the East Village. As a child I can remember always having wreathes on our doors. They are an item that I associate with home subconsciously due to that very memory. With this wreath I wanted to make one that represented Tompkins Square Park as a home. This small outdoor public space was provided a space for many to escape and find shelter over the past 100 years. I chose to use materials that I found in the park to make this wreath to show case the beauty with in the park. I almost exclusively used leaves in the wreath to hone back to my first experience in the park. It seemed to be snowing leaves with every gust of wind, the beauty took over me. It was the first place that I went after I found out that my Great Uncle Buddy passed away. The space, the nature calmed me, and in that moment that was what I needed.  I saved a couple of leaves that few on me during that visit. This wreath symbolizes that moment as well as the home that it is for the residents of the East Village. The three green leaves amongst the brown represent the small number of parks in New York City in relation to the number of people. These parks are necessary for the residents.



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