Final LER

  1. What learning/ learning topic or learning process did you find yourself using throughout the semester?
    • I found that I often used Deconstructing Memory, of course I had to for bridge one, but then through out the next three bridges I would hon in on my memories for inspiration.
  2. Where did you use it (in life, in class, in other classes)?
    • I used it most for this class and seminar specifically. I used it with in each bridge.
  3. What shifting (or learning) have you made personally that you want to bring into your future semesters?
    • I had never done so much memory work prior to this course. I would like to continue to reflect on myself in that sense and use art to deconstruct my memories.
  4. What is one ah-ha that you had? What did you learn?
    • Just now actually, before this I didn’t realize that all of my projects in this class have been tied to my own memories. Even bridge 4, I got the inspiration from a childhood memory.
  5. If you could tell future students anything from what you learned during your first semester in college, what would it be?
    • This is a more personal note but to be kind to yourself. To be forgiving and generous to yourself towards the process of transitioning. This class gave us time to write, reflect, and take a break from the rush that is life here. I feel that is a necessary step to take.

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