Drawing and Imaging final

Beauty Standards for Women

Beauty standards as society has defined them for women are hardly attainable but yet we as women are trained to strive for them. Society does not teach self love, it’s a destructive standard that manipulated women of all ages to change themselves, to never find peace within their bodies. Women are told that to be beautiful and to be worthy of a man’s love, that they must be fair skinned with long silky hair, large eyes, have a flawless complexion with full lips, slender cheeks, high cheekbones, straight teeth and enjoyment in using makeup. That’s just a small list for the standards of the female face. The list never ends. This is what we are told daily through media, fat shaming, skinny shaming, and underlying sexism that breathes through the world. There is no freedom to be human. I wanted to make a piece in response to this standard that affects many women. It wears us down, tires us out, and manipulates us into a narrow way of thinking. I myself have struggled for many years by comparing myself to what I thought I needed to be. This unreachable standard needs to end at the benefit of all it effects. Here I have created a visual representation of the standard taking a toll on these women. Each hand is forcing change to the faces, they are stretching, pulling and pushing all to try and make them fit. There is no rest as a woman in this society. I am an advocate for self love, but first it takes awareness to begin change. Here I want the viewer to be aware of the pressure standards put women under.

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