The Project Reflection

  1. Bio:
    • Brooke Goldyn is a first year student at The New School: Parsons School of Design and is on track to study photography as she has a high interest in the fine art side of photo. Art has always been a central part with in her life, but it wasn’t until the ladder years of high school that she discovered her passion for photography. Running with that passion she is determined to have a career in life in a creative field. Both art and collaboration fuel her to keep pushing and creating.
  2. Project Reflection:
    • For this project I knew that I wanted to learn more about the neighborhood that I now call home, the East Village. I did not know however what direction I wanted my research to go in. I had a few ideas about social reform floating around in my head, but it wasn’t until during thanksgiving break that I found what I wanted to research. Over the break I got to be surrounded by nature for the first time since I had moved. I could feel the effect that it had on me, how it is necessary for human to interact with the natural world. The one prominent park in the East Village is Tompkins Square. I did not know much about this park other than the root in 1988 and I wanted to know more about how it had effect the surrounding community for so many years. I began to read up on the history of the park and I saw three major time periods when this park was a home away from home for people or intended to be. I then looked on databases to continue my understanding of each time frame. The research ended up being a rather painful process. My creation on the other hand was far trickier. I had close to no idea what I was going to make to represent this place and how it had served so many. Then suddenly the idea of a wreath came to mind. I felt at peace with this and went for it. I used found materials from the park to make a wreath that symbolizes the shelter and community that the park provides. I can see myself furthering this project in the future into a spacial installation or a piece that takes place at the park itself. I want to give this park the appreciation it deserves for all it has provided for so many including myself. I feel that I have communicated this to a degree through the research but I know I can push it further with my art, speak with out words.

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