7 Days, 2 Rules


  • Use the same ink pen
  • self portrait study

After seeing Micheal Angelo’s exhibition at the Met I instantly was inspired to do human studies. I also wanted to practice some self love so I decided to make them self portraits after completing the first drawing. I found that as I went on I began focus on very minute interactions I have with myself daily. I also became more confident in my mark making and looser with my shading.

List A (physical):

  1. use a different medium everyday
  2. use only one color each day
  3. only paint with your fingers
  4. set a time limit
  5. set a time goal
  6. only use you non- dominant hand
  7. Draw with eyes closed
  8. No erasing
  9. can not pick up your hand
  10. must constantly be moving
  11. only use acrylic paints
  12. stand up while drawing
  13. Look at one object the whole time you draw
  14. draw only with your toes
  15. draw while walking
  16. only draw on the subway
  17. draw with the lights off
  18. draw while holding the pencil or brush with your whole fist
  19. draw only by moving your arm
  20. use face make up as medium
  21. draw then cut the paper up and reassemble
  22. listen to one song on repeat while creating
  23. draw with your eyes closed
  24. use two objects you’ve found each day, apply them
  25. draw while listening to nostalgic music
  26. draw only when extremely tired
  27. make drawing go off of the page
  28. contain the drawing with in the page
  29. draw right after you wake up
  30. use only colors of the food you ate that day

List B (theme):

  1. only human faces
  2. only animal faces
  3. only body parts
  4. only body parts you see in advertisements
  5. items in your room
  6. items from you old room at home
  7. draw the first song that comes on shuffle
  8. draw foods in your home
  9. draw foods you are craving
  10. abstract food
  11. draw an event from each day
  12. draw a conversation you over heard that day
  13. draw people on the subways (be very sneaky)
  14. draw people you’ve seen on the street that day from memory
  15. abstract people you’ve seen on the street that day from memory
  16. draw your current emotion
  17. draw the best moment of your day
  18. draw the food in your tummy
  19. draw your day dreams
  20. draw the last thing you noticed before you fell asleep
  21. draw the lighting of each day(sunny cloudy etc)
  22. draw the mood you saw in people out and about
  23. a person you missed that day
  24. draw the way you wished you looked
  25. sensations you experienced through the day (the sun on your skin)
  26. draw the first thing that comes to mind when you wake
  27. draw visual forms of how you see color
  28. draw memories
  29. draw the sound you hear from your room
  30. draw a thing that made you smile that day

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