Story of a Failed Project

Final Project:


Project: This was a project for drawing and imaging where we were assigned to draw 12 figures all the same size with clothing and then in illustrated scale then to create a crowd scene as well as change the opacity of the figures to great depth.

Discussion: I started this project by drawing my 12 figures with charcoal, taking pictures of each, pulling the pictures into illustrator, getting rid of the background, scaling them, than attempting to change the opacity. I feel my first mistake was drawing the figures with charcoal, this made the lines extremely thick once they got into illustrator. My biggest fault when it came to this project was that I had no idea how to use the soft wear, so my final project turned out not how I wanted. I went to the learning center to get tutoring on how to scale the figures and change their opacity. My tutor didn’t know how to change the opacity of the lines so we did it a backwards way it made the already thick lines became jagged. This made the final product look sloppy. My rick was going to an outsider from the class to ask for help rather than a class mate I guess. My professor didn’t show us how to do the procedures in illustrator so each of us were on our own. This project is a failure to me because I first didn’t put a ton of effort into the figures and their clothing, I met the requirements; however, I am not proud of them. It also failed in my technical skills. My third reason why it failed was because during the crit my professor said it wasn’t up to par with my usual work. This is what truly made it a failure to me because she was right, yes I met the requirements but I didn’t make something at the same quality that I normally do. This made me realize that I am here to make art not just slide by, it woke me to work harder to fully absorb this education and take advantage of it.

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