Kombucha Leather

The making process of the Kombucha was easier than I expected it to be. It makes me very interested in making Kombucha to drink later on. Any way, I brewed the tea and then added all of the ingredients. I poured the hot tea into the container to kill any contaminants. I waited for that to cool which took the longest. Then I added in my scoby, put the container carefully in a dark place and let it sit for weeks.  

This this the scoby in the tea ready to start growing 🙂

The PH of the tea

Testing the PH of the tea

Making the tea 🙂


During the growing period I did not open or mess with the Kombucha until I harvested it. I did check on it every now and then and it seemed to grow quickly in the beginning but then slowed down at the end. I was nervous to contaminate it while it was growing so I never opened it. I started growing mine on March 3rd and I harvested it on April 10th. I thought it would have grown to be thicker than it did. I stored it in a dark closet that is normally around 72 degrees.

This is the thickness when harvested, on top of a 1/2in of wood.

This is what it looked like on the wood.

This is what it looked like before I took it out of the tea.


I wasn’t expecting it to be so bumpy and to have the thin spot that it did. It really did have a lot of texture. Then as it dried it became uneven and very bumpy. I flipped it over once, not knowing I wasn’t supposed, when the letter was nearly fully dried.

This is the finished product, its slightly stiff and has a lot of texture.

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