• For my observations I chose to conduct the interviews that I will be basing my video footage off of. I interviewed a few people about their personal relationship with ‘home’ and from these interviews I will be basing the filming locations off of how each person answered.
  • This directly relates to my project because these observations of their experiences and feelings is what I will be running with to make the visuals of this piece.
  • My observations were all sound based so I do not have any visuals.
  • I noticed that there is a similar theme through out the interviews in terms of when people feel at home and what it feels like. All of the answers for that have been very similar even though each person grew up in completely different areas. I also noticed that Home has two different meanings really, it seems that people view it as a feeling as well as the place they grew up. There seemed to be slight ambiguity to my question due to the broad sense of the word.
  • I think that this means just what I sort of thought in the first place, that home can be so many things, places, or people but what runs through each piece is that it is comfortable, familiar or safe.
  • I have learned about the people that are being so kind as to help me with this project. I am also learning more and more how we are all going through the human experience and it is pretty similar for each of us. In terms of the physicality of my project, I am learning about where I’ll be taking my next steps in the filming process in terms of the locations in NYC.

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