Integrative Studio: Visual Culture Final

Title: Home.

Materials: Digital media

Link to Video: https:


Images: Screen captures of the video.


For this final I wanted to learn more about how people view home as a feeling or as a place. I became interested in this when I came back to NYC after spring break and was extremely homesick. I just pictured a home movie in my head with beautiful scenes and people’s voices describing what home feels like. I decided to made it a reality and I conducted interviews with six different people, asking them about the sensation of home. I went into the process simply curious to learn about how others thought of home and what it felt like to them. I was not expecting the number of similarities between all of the answers especially because each person had a very different background. I made sure to talk to a variety of people that had either moved once in their lives, many times, or had moved large and small distances. These interviews were the spine of my piece and the answers I received shaped my final product. The theme that ran through every interview was that the feeling of home was a feeling of safety. They all spoke on feeling comfortable, free, accepted, calm, and familiar whenever they felt at home. It was interesting to hear people speak openly about what home means to them. This called me to play on nostalgia when creating the visuals to be paired with the words. Throughout each of the interviews the word home was being used with two working definitions. Within one sentence many went from referring to home as a feeling of safety as well as the place that they grew up. It was fascinating to see how almost universally people use the one word to encapsulate two separate meanings. This was a project I was sad to see end. I would like to continue to interview people and learn about them. I feel it would be interesting to speak to people of different ages to see what, if anything, changes in the overall description of home over time. I feel that this a project that people could relate to and look to. I wanted this video to be comforting to people, being able to hear that others feel the same way they do. I wanted the visuals to invoke this same scene of comfort and calming. I just hope this video could give people a break from life and take them back to something comfortable.  


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Venue Placement:

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