About Myself

My name is Cam Bourne and I am from Easton, Massachusetts (just south of Boston). Art has been a major part of my life ever since I can remember. Nature is the most prominent source behind my art, as I hold a very deep appreciation for it. Recently art has begun to consume my life. Last year, I worked with a few kids at my school in a Vans shoe design contest and we were in the top 50 out of 3000. This year I was awarded 2 silver medals at the Boston Globe Scholastic competition and I was also accepted into the Art Allstate program in Massachusetts. Additionally, next year I will be Vice President of my high school’s art club. Since I have such a strong passion for art, I acknowledged that in order for me to be happy and ultimately successful in life it must be with art. Doing something within the design field seems to be a perfect fit because not only do I get to be creative but companies are always looking for designers and their will be a world of opportunities. I am very interested in fashion and would like to go into a field related to fashion design, however I am taking Design Studio to better find out what I may like to do. Outside of art, I do enjoy many other activities such as traveling, diving, singing, and piano.

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