Project 2: Thing From the Future Sketches

These are two ideas for creations which could be used in the future.

The forest sleeping pod:

Humans need a better way of calming down in the future because life has become so industrialized and hectic. This sleeping/resting pod conceals the human in plants covering the canopy walls, giving the illusion of a tranquil forest- which is scarcely found in the future. The pod houses surround sound of bird calls and waterfalls, as well as firefly lights, for a more realistic experience.

Virtual reality travel map:

In the future, traveling for pleasure is nearly obsolete. Travel destinations have been trashed, over built, and ultimately ruined. Without traveling for enjoyment, people can find happiness in a new map where they can press on any place they wish and travel there via a virtual reality room. The room is equipped with the sounds, smells, and temperature for a very realistic representation.

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