Face Mask #3

  For the Final Mask I decided to use nature since it was a recurring theme with my other two masks. I used roots to interpret growth and flowers as I had incorporated them in my mood board. I also used images of things that I believe represent objects that are appealing to me, and […]

Time Book

book-114ejvs For this Project my main priority was to show the passing of time through the growth of human beings. In this book I decided to use black and white photos to emphasize the action and person in the picture rather than the colors. I also believe that a black an white photo book can […]

The Pencil

The Pencil   Man first knew pencils as graphite sticks wrapped in string. They were later inserted into hollow wooden stick and then finally developed into what we use today. Pencils are essentially tools for writing and drawing consisting of a narrow tube of wood, hollow on the inside to carry a strip of graphite […]

The Snake Mask

Mask Project: The Snake   Growing up in in Florida as a young girl, park adventures or a walk near the mangroves always meant running into a reptile. From a young age, I created a fear of reptiles due to the countless encounters I had with snakes, specifically. The one time I came the closest […]

Welcome to the Parsons Learning Portfolio!

The Learning Portfolio is where you will tell your Parsons story. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the many ways you can design your portfolio, be sure to visit the Student Resources + Support site at portfolio.newschool.edu/studentsupport. But before you do, be sure to read the About pages under Courses and Topics […]

Read Before You Start!

By uploading files to a learning portfolio site to share with others, students are declaring that they created the content or that they have the right/permission to distribute this material within a class (in the case of Canvas) or on the Internet (in the case of uploading to a learning portfolio site). Should you have […]