The Mask #2

Camilla Robyn

Int. Studio 1

September 13 2017


The Mask 2

As a child living in Peru, I was always very creative and thinking outside of the box. My personality always seemed very drastic and strange to the other kids around me. I can remember how amused I used to be with colors, books, and fantasies. Although I was considered to be “weird,” as a child I never really took into consideration the way my peers thought about me. Things drastically changed when I moved to Miami in the 5th grade. Miami, known to me as “the bubble” truly disrupted my nature and the essence I carried within my self. I guess every one goes through that phase in which one becomes a teenager and develops insecurities while becoming self-conscious of their character. I slowly became unconscious of how I was dimming myself to please others around me. I increasingly became self destructive and suffered with my own acceptance. Although my thoughts were still present, I was always trying to portray a person that I wasn’t. I created this mask with mesh wire on the outside to represent the cold and bland façade that I created throughout my teenage years. The inside being of mesh fabric, colorful magazine paper and plants that caught my eyes when walking on the street, represents what I believe is still within me.

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