Soft Structures

Artist Statement:

For my final project, i really wanted to focus on the idea of repetition going off of what i did on my wood project. The idea of having multiple pieces of the same thing and putting it together to create one piece. This final project is going to be a chance for me to explore a more organic form of creating a sculpture. Since this last project is a soft structure i want to create a piece that involves fabric and poly-fill as well as nylon. I want to have these materials enhance either a natural and organic object such as a tree trunk, or have the piece itself imitate nature. I think that with this idea in mind i can use the found fabric and nylon to create a body that almost looks like one of a plant, flower or one that mimics a more anatomical and nuclear piece. Focusing on a more nuclear or bacterial aesthetic of the world. When thinking of a body i want my piece to resemble the particles that make up that body. I want my final project to look like it was created naturally by the earth. A thing that grows and is born from another material such as cells, microorganism, bubbles, mold etc. The piece i create is a way for me to resemble and honor parts of the natural world that aren’t usually seen or touched but are still there. I want to create a larger scale and tangible version of molecules that are visually appealing but aren’t seen and recognized everyday. Then i will have the nylon support the piece and embody that elasticity and flexibility that is typically seen in such natural environments.

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