This video was inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. In this world,people are blinded by the truth because shadows are the only things they are capable of seeing.


Graffiti is a controversial and important topic when it comes to art and culture. Is it vandalism? Do people take it seriously? In my “mashup” video I used several videos capturing different forms of graffiti, on different “canvases” and in different eras, to show how graffiti has remained popular and running throughout almost forty years.  I […]

Slow Change

For the Slow Change Video, I thought of a worldwide theme of nostalgia; love. The B&W images represent loss of love. Nostalgia here was shown in the form of reminiscing on times when one used to be with their significant other. The images i used in the first half of the video depict emptiness through […]

Time Book

book-114ejvs For this Project my main priority was to show the passing of time through the growth of human beings. In this book I decided to use black and white photos to emphasize the action and person in the picture rather than the colors. I also believe that a black an white photo book can […]