1. When I in a difficult or unfamiliar situation I will feel nervous and afraid. Most of time I will give myself a big breath and tell myself don’t be scared, find a space and sit alone will help me in that situation.
  2. If I want to share a memory with others, I would like to use a story to tell me. Because I believe when I talk with them I can share more my emotion when I using different of tones. And I also believe in stories are more interesting and attractive for the audiences because it was more relaxing.
  3. In the exhibition, the piece that moves me is the first thing you will see when you walk into the hall, the camera and television. It uses four televisions and cameras to video the visitors and it is hard to find yourself from the TV because they put them on the separate sides. You are trying to find yourselves but you are actually make it harder. When you find yourself intentional, you are actually hiding.
  4. Sometime when the professors ask us to talk about the memory of my childhood, at that second I feel my brain is blank when I recall the memory really hard. On the other hand, when I lay down on my bed and try to sleep and my memory will pop up. I think sometimes the memory comes out unprepared and involuntary.

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