Seminar- A letter to past and future self

If I can write a letter to the past self, I want to tell her to enjoy the school time with these classmates and keep their contact information. The reason I want to write this because I did not hang out with friends very often at that time and after I came to the US, we lost the common topic and contact. If I have a chance, I would like to thanks myself walk a big step of chose to learn the major that I am interested in. I keep working on my portfolio so hard and I didn’t give up. Finally, I did it. I think this is a little but important step for my future. If I can go back to the past, I will tell myself to spend more time with my grandfather and tell him to take care of himself. I lost my grandfather last year, before that I got a chance to facetime with him but I didn’t do it. Because I thought homework and test are the biggest things at that time. I will tell myself that everything will past and that’s not a big deal. There has more challenge in your future, don’t be upset and dejected. I got a hard time in New York, I got pressure from school, weather and being alone. I want to tell the future to be a tough person, I have my parents and friends on my back. Don’t worry and give yourself too much pressure, I have the opportunity to fight for my dream and learn about fashion, just enjoy this moment.

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