Seminar- ways of seeing

                  I went to is the Union Square subway on last Saturday. It is a raining day, I went to study with my friend at school. When I stood on the platform and waiting for the metro, I was doing the people watch and I saw most of people were focusing on their phone or sat there in a trance. The subway came after four minutes, I ran into it at a fast rate and the door closed after. Cause it was Saturday there doesn’t have too many people, people sat separate.

On my left hand, I saw a elderly lady with a blond hair, weared a black down jacket and a black sunglasses. She weared all black with the pearl earrings and claret-red rain boots, I felt she has a good taste of clothing so I think she might be a manager that works in the Soho store but her age made me confused. When I were thinking who she is, I saw a Whole Food recycle shopping bag beside her legs, and then I known probably she was going to grocery store and shopped for next week. I were sure of when she got out from 14 Union Square, we walked out together and I saw she entered into the store.

At the first time I saw this lady, I focused on her clothing, appearance and action. She weared black and red color, I think it was safe outfits‘ color but it looked elegant on her and the accessories made her looked like a worker in a clothing store. When she sat in the subway, she didn’t pay the attention on her phone but most of people did. The group of elderly people might don’t like using smart phone, it give me a key about her age. From her shopping bag, I made a guess because we don’t go to work or shopping with an empty grocery bag. And we can also get verify from the destination, which platform she will get out from and we will know what is nearing around.

In the reading, it said “Yet this seeing comes before words, and can never be quite covered by them”. Our perception will affect the way of seeing, observation can bring the completeness of the objects. I believe in my instinct more than thinking, sometime it is hard to use the words or sentences to explain the feeling or the emotion. “To touch something is to situate oneself in relation to it”, the purpose of observation is using your eyes to know what people actually need or do. When you see something and the image will stay in your mind which helps you to remind the appearance and feeling of something when that was absent.



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