studio- critical design

Critical design as constructive provocation

  • Between art and design
  • By definition aimed at fixing problems, critical design is aimed at questioning the present conditions
  • The functional and rational always take precedent
  • Unlike art, design has an obligation to take an interest in the practical use of things
  • The main purpose of critical design is to make the invisible visible by showing us something we didn’t know existed
  • Critical design as a tool
  • An advantage to use critical design as a provocation to make people leave the comfort zone to find a better solution to the design problem
  • Access to wider audience
  • Provocation to think outside box

Critical design FAQ

  • Uses speculative proposals to challenge narrow assumptions
  • To discussion and debate
  • Design that reinforces the status quo
  • Critical design builds on this attitude and extends it into today’s world
  • Mainly to make us think
  • One of many mutation is undergoing in an effort to remain relevant to the complex technological, political, economic and social changes
  • More about values and an attitude
  • Definitely not art
  • Closer to the everyday
  • Question the limited range of emotional and psychological experiences offered through designed products
  • More about the positive use of negativity
  • 90% humour, 10% critique
  • Opposite from affirmative design
  • Shift points of view

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