Brooklyn museum mini-task

  1. This exhibition called Carlos Mérida on a printed paper, it’s about the Mexican costume. Mérida met Kahlo and Rivera when he moved to Mexico. This exhibition is from Carlos’s print portfolio, he used fashion design to document and praise the Mexican nationality costume and different indigenous traditions including Kahlo’s favorite Tehuana style. He used bold and bride color to reveal the abundant culture, the graphical shape to express the combination of different tradition. I have used the same way before, I made a clothes collection about the friendship. We both used clothes for convey the information to people.
  2. I will feel nervous and confused when I being in a new place especially use different language. I will choose nature color and not bold color because I think it consist with my personality. The color you like or you wear can tell others what kind of person you are so when I go to a new place I like to use my dressing to tell them the first impression. I feel cordial feeling from handmade stuff. I will choose circle rather than triangle and square that the shape isn’t sharpe.
  3. My partner has a dream catcher which is important to her and she came from China. I am thinking to make a necklace based on the figure of dream catcher and combines the idea with the Chinese knot. The reason I want to make this because she feel belongingness and the dreamcatcher will filter the bad things for her. It relates to the exhibition because we both connect with own culture and background to make the produce.

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