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The souvenir, dreamcatcher necklace affects and helps people in the social experience.

Image of the artifact:

The list of Interview Question: 

  1. Will you go to watch a movie or eat by yourself? Do you feel embarrassed or enjoy? Why?
  2. Do you usually appear in a crowded place or a place has minimal people? For example?
  3. At a party, are you usually a talkative person or not good at words? Can you always express your thoughts truly?
  4. If you have a date, are you used to make a plan before or by the seat of pants?
  5. If your parents let you go to see a friend that you don’t know, what will you do or how will you prepare for?
  6. Do you like to be noticed by others?
  7. Will you struggle with outfits every time? Will you care about your appearance?
  8. Have you ever misunderstood someone else? Which one impressed you most?
  9. Are you usually easy to be friends with others?
  10. When you go to the movie theater, which seat do you usually like to sit?

The audio of the interview:

Reflection of the interview:

In my interview with my partner Candice, most of the questions I asked were about how Candice performed in different situations in society. I hope that through these questions I can ask about her personality and her social preferences. The reason I chose these questions is because I think these are related to myself and I want to know about other people’s preferences and if most people are the same as me or different. My partner has similar problems with me. We all focus on social performance to see what kind of personality the other person has. We have the same question, “Do you usually appear in a crowded or a quiet place?”. She gave me the answer that “ it is based on her mood and different situation.”. She will choose a relatively lively place with her friends, but when she wants to read a book alone, she will choose a quiet cafe. I don’t like to go to a crowded place and I don’t like to make friends but sometimes you have to do the thing you don’t like to meet more people. I asked her a question about if it is easy for her to make friends with others and she said: “I am not good at making friends but I am willing to meet new people.” We all think that friends can help us out of the predicament and bring happiness. I am not good at making friends, but I sometimes strongly refuse to know new people because I think It is complicated and time-consuming to get to know others again. I really appreciate my partner’s point of view. Although I’m not the same way, she tries to know new friends and after they get along with each other they will know if it’s suitable. I am very contradictory. I don’t want to be noticed by others, but when I do a good thing or get good acknowledgment, I am proud to hope to get praise and affirmation from friends and parents. But sometimes I don’t care about other people’s opinions and thoughts, I think that my happiness is the most important. For example, I needed to wear a school uniform every day in high school, so I cherish the time when I wear my clothes on weekends. I feel that my clothes can tell others that I have good taste. After I got into college my style changed, and also I felt that my mentality changed. I think to make yourself comfortable is the biggest thing. Candice is the same as me, she told me “I care about other people’s thought but at the same time I also think that her comfort is also important.”. I asked my friend once, if he mind watching a movie or eating alone. He looked at me with surprise and resolutely said that he would not do these alone because he would be feel very embarrassed and lonely. I am the person who likes to be alone so I choose this question as the first one because I think this is a good one to know someone’s personality and social response. Candice expressed “Most of the time I will not because I will feel lonely and afraid.”. An unknown place will make her feel nervous and undiscovered so she won’t choose to be alone. During the interview, I guess Candice is a person who is insecure and she is afraid of being alone. Although she sometimes wants to be alone, I can feel that in this life in this strange environment, New York, she still hopes that she can have a good friend or family who can accompany her. I also have the same experience, and whenever I go back to my apartment I feel very safe and comfortable. When I first came to New York, I brought the gifts from my best friends and family to this city. Whenever I missed them, I looked at those gifts and recalled those memories. So I decided to make a dream catcher necklace for Candice. She has a dream catcher in her bedroom, and she told me sometimes she is homesick and when she feels tired her apartment is the best place to cure herself. A dreamcatcher catches the bad dreams or terrible things for you so I plan to prepare a dreamcatcher that she can bring to the outside and carry with her. I will choose the color her favorite color “blue and black” and some soft decoration and texture because she likes toys and it can make her feel belongingness and safe.

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