Seminar 1- relativity Soho

There has a lot of architecture of the style Cast-iron, the old industrial building attracts people to this place and it becomes the sign of Soho. Part of artists movies into Soho, you can see street graffiti everywhere. Soho become chicer, you can see people wear high-fashion and stylish clothes on the street. There also has some artist studio, loft apartment, and flagship stores are in Soho if you like special-interest items you will find them in an unimpressive street. I have been to the New Museum, Purl Soho, IF Soho, Acne Studio and etc. You can find different kinds of stores there, it welcome groups of different age. In geography, it is divided by avenues and streets likes the normal street in midtown. Because of the history and the integration of artists, the buildings and culture are different than others which makes Soho being unique and attractive.  It is crowded in Soho, there has a lot of buildings and stores. I have been there three times with my cousins and friend. I don’t remember the persons I have saw but most of them have a good taste on the dressing. The reason I like it is that it combines cultural history with the new and fashionable thing. It encourages people to innovate while retaining their culture. Soho is open to the public, and it also encourages you to explore stores because they are not gathered together and some of them are not easy to find. The ten things that I remember is I have seen a big graffiti on the wall, it is a peeping eye, and it is black and white. I was eating sushi at the time, and the painting attracted a lot of attention. I want to know what it is looking at. There has a lot of loft apartments there in different color and arrange in a row, those are not common in New York. I have been to Glossier store with my cousin, it is a makeup store but the fitment is not like Sephora. It blends in some facility like lipstick for costumers to take pictures and the stairs are the rotation type. There have some home theater and vintage stores, for the person to pursue vintage style will be an appropriate place to shop and I like to collect vintage stuff. Soho is suited to any style of people.

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