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During my interview with Candice, I known she is a quiet girl who sometime want to be alone and sometime want to be with friends. I decided to make a dream catcher necklace for Candice. She has a dream catcher in her bedroom, and she told me sometimes she is homesick and when she feels tired her apartment is the best place to cure herself. A dreamcatcher catches the bad dreams or terrible things for you so I plan to prepare a dreamcatcher that she can bring to the outside and carry with her. All the bad things or troubles will be catch by this web. I will choose the color her favorite color “blue” and some soft decoration and texture because she likes toys and it can make her feel belongingness and safe. Normally, the dreamcatcher we known has feathers but I think the object already big enough if I add it will be too much, and I think Candice like simple thing. The length is close to your chest and the shape of the object is two circles. Circles mean the nature which are very powerful. The reason I make it this length was because it can give you power and courage.

  1. Will you go to watch a movie or eat by yourself? Do you feel embarrassed or enjoy? Why?

     2. Do you usually appear in a crowded place or a place have minimal people? For example?
     3. At a party, are you usually a talkative person or not good at words? Can you always express your thoughts truly?
4. If you have a date, are you used to make a plan before of by the seat of pants?

5. If your parents let you go to see a friend that you don’t know, what will you do or how will you prepare for ?
6. Do you like to be noticed by others?
7. Will you struggle with outfits every time? Will you care about your appearance?
8. Have you ever misunderstood someone else? Which one impressed you most?
9. Are you usually easy to be friends with others?
10. When you go to the movie theater, which seat do you usually like to sit?

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