week 8: artful replica

There is a little gallery in the 5th Avenue, the owner is a man around 40 and he called by Xiang. He looks very kindly and amicable. He open his store everyday although there does not have too many costumes. I walked into the store and saw that he has a white table lamp that made by crystal although it always stay in a small corner but it still looks very new and brightly. I asked him to buy this lamp and he said it has special meaning for him so he can’t sell it. Then he told me the story behind it, it is a gift from an old woman who he met four years ago. One day when he walked on the street and the old woman walked into a vintage store and they collided with each other. He almost broke her vintage lamp but he catches it. At the same time, a thief ran to them and knocked the woman down and took her wallet and her shopping bag. Xiang ran to catch the thief as soon as possible, he ran about six streets and he almost get crushed by car but the good thing is he got everything back. When he is laughing when he said this story to me, he said he was young so he can run that much. After he gave the wallet back to the old woman, she gave the vintage lamp to Xiang, and she said she was trying to sell this old lamp because she need money, she very thankful to Xiang got all her money back. And after two years, Xiang open this gallery and puts all his collection in the store for people to visit. There has a lot of new and old stuff and those are all about his memories.

Myth story link:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_Lantern

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