The first act I saw when I walked up the stairs, I saw a lot of retro game consoles and modern high-tech equipment, those evoke the memories of my childhood. Right in front of the stairs, I saw a large screen showing the bowling ball game. It has two handles for two players to play with. This device offers more convenience for players, even at home customers can play and feel like they are in the bowling alley. It is linear, the arrow used for aim at the hole. In this game, you have to wave your arm and use bottoms to control. There is an Xbox, it was playing the basketball video game. The characters and stage set are lifelike, customers can play characters in different teams. There also has a baseball game, but it is kind of different than the basketball one. It has two screens, one is the video game and the other one is a reality.  We don’t have to go outside to play those games. The bowling ball and basketball games have not much difference. The baseball one is more like a video, it doesn’t have the handle and box to play with but all of these three games are electronic and convenient.

I really like the GIF Elevator, the color, and the image. It makes me feel like I am in space and I am drifting in this space. The naked bodies are supple, twisty and weird but it makes me feel relax and free. The bodies drifting from one screen to another, it brings me to catch and follow them. I think the artist wants us to calm down and look carefully to explore this big space.

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