Seminar1- Bridge 3 invusible cities


This spring break I went to New York City from Connecticut and it was my first time been here. I heard Soho is one of the best places to visit in the city, it is full of interesting and modern people and stores. The first thing I saw after I got out from the subway is the ornate cast-iron buildings those are not familiar to me. As I walked along the stone street, I saw lots of architecture that I can’t find in the midtown or uptown in this city and most of the buildings are used for rent out stores. The height of the buildings is shorter than in other areas. I touch and beat the white slender column. The sound is silvery,
it is hollow. It is a historic town and landmark for visitors, after rebuild and renews it still keeps the style construction from years ago. The tactile is smooth although it was destroyed by the weather. There also has some of the buildings are made by crude bricks and rocks, it is mostly in brick-red and natural beige. It has a rough and tough surface when I touched it, there has some graffiti-art paint on the wall. The road sign is all brown in Soho which is different than other areas.

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