Seminar 1- magic trick or illusion

Magician has an empty pot at the beginning, he shows to the audience to make sure there is nothing inside it. Then he randomly drop some small objects into this pot, different objects mean different kind of drink and mix it in front of all the audiences. And he would randomly pick audiences and ask them “ Would you like to have something to drink?” Then the first audience would reply his favorite drink. Take coke as an example, the magician would shake the pot again and pour a cup of coke out of this pot. Then magician would pick another audience and ask her what is you favorite drink, the audience may answer whatever they like, for example beer, magicians would be able to pour the beer into an other cup. All the cups used are transparent so everyone could see the changing of color. Pouring water into it first, and pour out black coke at the first time and pour out yellow beer at the second time. After pouring out the beer, the magician would reopen the pot and show to all the audience that the pot is empty. The illusion of this magic is the pot, it looks like a normal bottle but it actually have the pipeline which connect with the pipeline in Magician’s sleeves. The magic you need have activated partner who can help you catch audiences attention and a partner to help you fill those liquid. The invisible bottom is use for open different holes on the top of the pot. We don’t have to worry about some specific drink that audiences ask for because in the beginning it said different objects mean different kind of drink.

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