Seminar 1- Bridge 5 statement

This semester, we did four projects. The first one we did is about our memory. We chose five souvenirs that are meaningful to ourselves. I chose a red bracelet, passport, toy bear, utensil,and handmade cloth. At the beginning of this project, I think it is kind of hard for me to chose five objects from all the stuff I had. During this project, I recalled the memories of each object. This is a meaningful and significant project, as the time by I forgot my memories of childhood. It is fun to go over and share all the stories behind the souvenirs. For Bridget two, we worked with a partner based on the interview with them. I knew more about my partner in the interview, she has a dream catcher in her bedroom, and she told me sometimes she is homesick and when she feels tired her apartment is the best place to cure herself. The reason I choose to make this necklace is to make wearable, the length of it is close to the chest which gives her power. In the beginning, I was planned to make a bag for her but after the interview, I changed my idea. This is a lesson to learn change the idea during the process and conversation with the professor. We did a book for Bridget 3 as a group project. This is the first time to work with other classmates in this class, we got a hard time to met with each other in the beginning but we had a group meeting and it helped a lot to the project. Finally, we worked and finished it well and I learned how to conversate with group members to work on the group project. The last project is very flexible, we can choose any topic related to ourselves. I chose the topic of fast fashion. This is a global topic that I focus on these years after I realize people around me bought fast fashion very often. I want to talk about environmental protection to let more people know the negative elements of fast fashion that people did not focus on. I also did an artifact for the topic, I used the useless fabric to make a new tote bag.

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