Seminar 2: Claim of research question


Fast fashion is an negative element by it creates social inequality which consumers do not pay attention to.



Consumers know fast fashion impacts the environment but they do not know the truth of workers because if they know that they will not buy it. Meanwhile the workers only take low salary. Workers does not have choices because in some backward countries  people need get a job for their family which makes me want to have some voices for them.



There has a famous factory accident “2013 Savar building collapse” that expose the truth behind the fast fashion. After consumer notices fast fashion brand does not pay Istanbul workers over a year, “Zara is facing a growing backlash from consumers” which makes them love Zara less.

Farm chemical impact workers’ health.



This example happened long time ago and their salaries increased after this accident. And fast fashion also produce a job to those people who does not have education and can not find a job.



After they increase the salaries workers got more work need to do, they even do not have time to go bathroom.

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