Studio 2- Bridge 3

The truth of reality- Fast fashion factories’ workers, social inequality behind fast fashion

4 examples if artist/ designers working in the same concept:

  • “Fashion Victims” — Yolanda Dominguez
  • “Blood Mountain” — Grau Projekt
  • “Sewn on the Street” — Rebecca Layton & Monika Jakubiak
  • “Mutilated Hosiery Sorted by Colour” — Time Mitchell

“Fashion Victims" --- Yolanda Dominguez”的图片搜索结果 . 相关图片

“"Mutilated Hosiery Sorted by Colour" --- Time Mitchell”的图片搜索结果

3 examples of monuments or public arts that I inspired by:

  • “Blood Mountain” — Grau Projekt
  • “Mumum” — Sarah Lucas

Material ideas:

  • yarn, wire, sheer socks, cotton, pictures of workers, pigment, plastic bags, model feet


  • in front of the fashion store which nearby the UC building

Mood board of my Bridge 4:

Public Art

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