Sustainable: Systems Thinking



Our garments has several chemicals and we polluted water and ocean by washing those garments. Most of fashion brands has inventory landfill and the synthetic inks and dyes also effect the environment by produce air pollution. Some of the companies can not dispose those inventory in a right way, and then they choose to burn those landfill such as H&M.

The ink for Riso printer is more environmentally than the regular printer, it used an organic base and more easily to recycle. VOC is a bad element which will affect our health, but Oil-based will not release VOCs as much as the regular one. If the offices advocate use more Riso printers which will not affects people’s health and produce air pollution.

3. The first FBNK observation was kind of new and excited for me, I feel claim and I was the game player who overlooked those people. At that moment, I claimed down myself then found a shadow place to sit and try to pay more attention to observe what happens around me. I walked by the Union Square Park every day but I was in hurried every time, I never got a chance to look at the sky, the sun, clouds, sculptures, and people. I really like this experience, it is not just a one-time orientation which is continues and sustaining. It pushed me to record these memories to survey and find the difference. I would like to choose an object and keep doing this action even after the class, I want to know its sustainability.

4. I really interested in Kombucha Leather and I would like to use this technique in the future. I have a question about choosing the leather, which kind of leather should we buy? Which weight should we choose? If I want to use Kombucha to dye a piece of fabric is that possible? (in the future)

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