Sustainable: Week 4 Mapping Flight Systems

1. I do not know Greta Thunberg before I read this news. Greta Thunberg is a brave girl although she thinks she has Asperger’s syndrome but she will have a speech at the U.N. Climate Action Summit to encourage more people to reduce carbon emissions. She does not only resist to take an airplane, and she also builds a new yacht that uses solar panels and generator turbines from underwater. I think that really helps the environment but airplane is really important for people. I think scientists can build one which reducing emission. And from now on I will try to reduce driving a car and also encourage people to travel somewhere near around them instead of has an international flight.

2. Carbon offsets are a way to reduce the carbon emission, on the other hand, it does not decrease the damage to the environment but it is better than we do nothing. I will consider this plan and at the same time I will also reduce by taking an airplane or car. Carbons offset only reduce the emissions but it still exists and the amount of pollution still keep rising. The best way to help the environment is to work out the source.

3. The government bans on citizens’ flight will affect economic and cultural development but to ration the flight can protect the environment. The government can work with the flight company to reduce the number of flight. For business, people can use skype instead of flight. For a visitor, people can limit themselves on traveling such as have an international flight once a year. For most of the people in Asia, they want to buy the stuff from other culture. I think the government can bring in cargo from other countries and sell them in their country instead of taking a plane. The flight company also can show costumers’ number of carbon footprints on their member card. The government should show damage from traveling to people because we usually do not when they plan to travel.


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