Sustainable: Week 5- Painting with Bacteria Lab preparation

  1. I am enjoying on mix different plants together and create my own color, it was really different than using the chemical watercolor. And it makes me curious and wants to try different kinds of supplies.  I think most of the bacteria dyed color from plants are natural, and if I use a flower usually it will be a similar color with the flower but not always. As the bacteria growing, we can make it more sustainable and it replaces the synthetic and toxic dyes. I think the bacteria offer less toxic because we are recycling and collecting the supplies around us to make it sustainable and recycle it, and those are from natural might has less toxic chemical than synthetic dye. I think it will be really interesting if I can see the process of bacteria change and make it as a pattern.
  2. Actually these pictures do not relate to my artwork but those relate to my life. I like the casual pattern but I do not know how to draw them, I think they come naturally. So I decided to draw something around me, the two ducks or gooses symbolize my best friends and she also is my roommate and it was the way she described herself. The fish is from “Finding Dory” that was a name which friends call me because they think I am talkative like Dory. The girl was a picture that I had on my phone, and she looks like she a trying to jump or go over something which brings me energy and encouragement.

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